Making Your Dreams Come True

InnovationWalt Disney once said: “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

The challenge that we face is that dreams come easily, attaining them is the challenge.   From a vendor standpoint, getting into the corner office is the ideal situation because you, as the vendor, have an amazing solution that can change the way claims organizations operate.    From a carrier standpoint, the dream is to have that phone stop ringing with vendor upon vendor trying to convince you that they have a better mousetrap than what you are using today.   It’s a difficult dynamic that often ends up with insurance executives screening phone calls and vendors frustrated about their inability to pitch their solutions.

Having been on both sides of the fence, as both business executive and sales executive, I can relate to the challenges on both sides.   The reality is that there are some really great solutions, but there are also some not so great solutions.   Wouldn’t it be nice to cut right to the chase and focus on what really matters; continuous process improvement.

At ExecuLinc, our aim is to provide simplicity to the claims process.  By vetting out the best of breed in every facet of the claims process, our insurance industry contacts can be assured that what is presented will indeed improve their bottom line.

Our focus is on the fundamentals.   In every business, be it insurance or otherwise, there are three facets that drive success; people, processes and technology.   Arguably people are the most important, but they can also be the most challenging.   This is why having proven processes in place can drive behavior, which in turn drives outcomes.    Technology is an often misunderstood part of the process.   While some view technology as the savior, the reality is the best technology in the world will fail if the right people and the right processes aren’t in place.    If you accomplish those two things, then technology can take an organization to an entirely new level.

The key to success is to strive for not a insurer/vendor relationship, but a true business partnership.   This should be a two way street where the insurer challenges their business partner to do new and innovative things while accepting challenges to do the same.  It is this type of partnership that results in a competitive advantage for both parties.    It is our goal to forge these very types of alliances with proven solutions that drive bottom line results.    It is these very types of relationships that can indeed make your dreams come true.

Susan Tidball is the founder and CEO of ExecuLinc.   To learn more please visit or call 530.428.LINC (5462).



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