For Vendors

ExecuLINC brings together claims decision makers with claims vendors.

From specialized claims service providers to full service third-party administrators, ExecuLINC can assist you in developing key relationships with decision makers both domestically and abroad. Our unique position as a leading consulting firm gives us access to some of the most influential people throughout the insurance industry. Whether you are new in the business, or a seasoned service provider, you know the challenges that come with getting to the right person who can make a final decision on your product.For Vendors

A partnership with ExecuLINC provides you with unprecedented access to key C-Level and E-Level Executives at insurance carriers throughout the United States to key contacts on a global level.

With our extensive network of contacts, we can get you passed the gatekeeper and  facilitate introductions to  high level decision makers. Whether you need us to make a key connection or assist you with closing that next account, ExecuLINC provides the level of service to get you in the door and on your way.

Call us today (530) 428-5462 to learn more how to get connected to the right people at the right time to take your organization to the next level for nearly pennies of your traditional sales model.