Document Management/HIPAA

Document ManagementExtensive regulation surrounds health care privacy. Insurance carriers handing document management and subpoena processing internally run the risk of litigation exposure. Using your staff can be expensive and counterproductive. Why carry this burden when this service can be completed by HIPAA Compliance Experts at no cost to your organization?

For over 15 years, our partner has been providing excellence in claims document management solutions to insurance companies and third party administrators. Our unique process minimizes risk, while reducing cycle times and internal costs!

We remain current with our continued education with regard to the many changes in industry rules, regulations and guidelines on HIPAA Compliance. We will work with you to develop a fully customized solution that meets all of your document management needs.


  • No-Fault file duplication
  • Internal file management
  • IME duplication
  • Processing medical authorizations
  • Field duplication
  • Site-to-site duplication
  • Subpoena duplication
  • Litigation support solutions
  • Arbitration and subrogation support solutions
  • File preparation
  • Scanning documents onto CD
  • Electronic submission of claims files
  • Education programs
  • Complete turn-key option
  • Technology support option
  • Our staff providing in-house service to you as needed

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