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Time Management for Claims Professionals by Kevin Quinley
Time Management for Claims Professionals
by Kevin Quinley

The best-selling guide that can benefit novice adjusters and experts alike. This book helps you tame the telephone, handle your diary scheduling, take out-of-town trips, and engage in continuing education without losing control of your claim files. Now in it’s Third Edition, this book contains hundreds of tips on handling your claims job more effectively and avoiding burnout, while also offering the secrets of effective e-mail sending and receiving, current and potential uses of the Internet, and the best ways to handle voice mail.

Re-Adjusted by Chris Tidball
by Chris Tidball

Effectively managing a claims organization can be a daunting challenge! From developing staff and following procedures to pleasing customers and avoiding litigation, true success  takes an inordinate amount of skill, savvy and patience.In Re-Adjusted, Chris Tidball shares his proven formula for taking claims organizations from ordinary to extraordinary. By focusing on the fundamentals that he has effectively used for more than twenty years, insurance carriers now have a road map for success.Readers are sure to enjoy the latest in his “20 Essential Rules” series that is guaranteed to lift spirits as well as bottom line results. For anyone looking to improve customer service, employee morale, productivity, quality or internal processes, Re-Adjusted is a must read!

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Blocking and Tackling by Chris Tidball
Blocking & Tackling
by Chris Tidball

From the gridiron to the boardroom, fundamental execution of basics is the key to success in any organization. It is this back to basics approach that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary, giving those who adhere to this concept a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Blocking & Tackling is a collection of articles, columns, and advice from Chris Tidball, author of Re-Adjusted: 20 Essential Rules to Take Your Claims Organization from Ordinary to Extraordinary! Throughout the book this veteran claims leader, industry consultant and speaker lays out the X’s O’s for the winning claims organizations.

As vince Lombardi once said, “Perfection is not possible, but chasing it will result in excellence.” Block & Tackling serves as the foundation for success in not only our life journey but also in claims organizations.

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Kicked to the Curb by Chris Tidball
Kicked to the Curb
by Chris Tidball

Layoffs, outsourcing, consolidation and downsizing have resulted in millions of Americans being kicked to the curb. Learn from author, business executive and consultant Chris Tidball the secrets to coming out on top when your life has been turned upside down.

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