About Us

Claims leaders focused on bringing industry leaders and proven vendors together.

Welcome to ExecuLINC, the first peer to peer networking portal focusing on bringing claims executives together with innovative business partners. ExecuLINC was founded by former claims executives who understand the challenges in gaining a competitive advantage in an increasingly difficult marketplace. We have leveraged our claims experience with former executives from the telecommunications industry who have introduced an innovative platform designed to drive consistency of processes and accuracy of outcomes.

The mission of ExecuLINC is to facilitate discussion and foster relationships between leaders in the claims space. For claims leaders, there is no charge for this service. Rather, the focus is on providing you with viable alternatives to current processes with vendors who have a proven ability to improve the bottom line of the carriers they service.

The key areas of focus are those that insurance carriers often struggle with. Let’s face it, adjusters are busy and in a day and age of doing more with less, they are only going to get busier! By leveraging business partners, claims organizations can facilitate an environment where adjusters are more productive with more consistent outcomes. The end result is a reduction of expenses, from overhead to legal and an improvement in indemnities.

ExecuLINC provides services in the following areas:

Document Management and HIPAA Compliance – We live in the most regulated society on earth and legislation such as HIPAA and HiTech have only complicated things. Carriers handling document management and subpoena processing internally run the risk of litigation exposure if the wrong documents are released. To boot, why pay your own staff to do this when we can provide the service for FREE!

Subrogation and Salvage – Recoveries remain one of the biggest challenges in any claims organization. It is estimated that 15% of all claims are closed with a missed subrogation demand at an industry cost of $15 billion dollars annually! On the salvage front, storage charges and property disposition leave organizations hamstrung. Our solutions are designed to bring success to the recovery process.

Claims Investigations A mere 3% of claims are settled with a comparative negligence assessment which translates into billions of dollars left on the table industrywide. Factor in inconsistent claims investigations, poor evaluations and unstructured negotiations and the opportunity increases exponentially. Our solutions are designed to provide adjusters with a structured path for investigation, evaluation of medical records, identification of deceptive medical billing practices and outright fraud, and a framework for meaningful negotiations.

First Notice of Loss Driving the right outcomes starts with capturing the right information at the time the claim is reported. Our solutions leverage state of the art triaging capabilities coupled with proven methods for data capture and seamless integration with your claim management system.

Catastrophe Management – CAT’s are costly and involve the deployment of significant numbers of claims personnel. Don’t go it alone! When staff is redeployed to assist with a CAT, it leaves other policyholders high and dry. Our partnerships enable your organization to focus on their daily tasks while providing you with the resources necessary to handle the increased volume of claims associated with catastrophes.

Business Process Outsourcing – Sometimes it is simply better to outsource a portion or an entire claims operation. We work with both niche providers and third party administrators who have proven results in being able to execute on the fundamentals with superior results. Whether you want to outsource subrogation, salvage, FNOL or your entire claims operation, we have a solution that will meet your need.

Please take a minute to review our sight and give consideration to how we can help you. For claims leaders looking to improve results, we will provide a free, no obligation needs analysis. For vendors looking to partner with a claims organization, we have the ability to facilitate contacts with industry leaders domestically and globally. For industry events, please contact us to arrange for one of our dynamic claims speakers at your next function. As always, please feel free to contact us at 530-428-LINC (5462).